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Meguiars by 3M India Car Detailing Products: Auto detailing is more than just running your car through your neighborhood car wash or putting on a coat of wax. Detailing your car exhaustively cleans it both inside and outside, removing scratches, removing contaminates, swirls, oxidation and other imperfections from your paint to make a show-quality level of detail. are the target of Meguiars by 3M India exterior detailing Products. All exterior chrome is cleaned and polished in the same manner as the surface.

With high quality brands used by oem companies by Mercedes , bmw , audi etc.

To achieve the best possible shine from your paint you'll need 90% procedure and 10% product.

Bring your car to new showroom look .

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  • Wash & Drying - (Weekly)
    This step removes all the loose dirt and debris from the exterior of the car. This also includes wheels & wheel wells. Maintaining a clean finish will help prolong your wax or sealant on your paint.
    * Use a Quick Detailer in between washing to maintain a freshly washed look.
  • Claybar - (Every 3-6 months • depends on the surrounding envirornment)
    This step removes embedded contaminates that normal washing can't remove and will leave the surface of the paint silky smooth.
  • Polish - (1-2 times a year)
    This step removes imperfections in the paint (swirls, water marks, bird etching, etc.) and brings back the shine & depth to the paint.
  • Wax and/or Sealant - (Every 2-6 months • durability depends on product used and environmental conditions)
    This step is your protection for your paint, it will also add gloss and wetness to the paint.
  • Polish and/or apply a Wheel Sealant to clean and protect wheels - (Protect every 2-3 months • Polish when needed)
    This step will help prevent brake dust and road grime from adhering to the surface of the wheels making them easier to clean.
  • Clean or polish all chrome or aluminum - (As needed)
  • Dress all tires, wheel wells and trim -(Weekly or Twice a month)
  • Clean Windows and Door jambs -

Professional Exterior and Interior Auto Detailing Services by Meguiars by 3M India.

We at MAC focus more learning about the materials in the interior and how to effectively clean and restore them to a like new condition Interior detailing is often ignored by detailers who seem to believe their skill as a detailer centers exclusively on their ability to restore a paint finish to a flawless, scratch-free glossy shine.

However, the interior is as important, if not more important than the exterior of the vehicle sense this is where the motorist spends their time, in the automobile. Moreover, women drivers are especially sensitive to the vehicle interior, more so than men. Considering that over 50% of the drivers on the road today are woman and they account for over 58% of the automotive services purchased, We at MAC focus more learning about the materials in the interior and how to effectively clean and restore them to a like new condition

  • Car Mats Wet Cleaning
  • Car Floor Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Car Interior Vacuum Cleaning
  • Car Interior Air Pressure Cleaning
  • Car Seats Wet Cleaning
  • Seats Leather Conditioner Lubrication
  • Dashboard Conditioning
  • AC Vents Cleaning & Conditioner
  • Odor Eliminator Spray
  • Complete Vinyl & Rubber parts Conditioning
  • Indoor Gates Cleaning & Conditioning
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